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I’m not sure where to start.
The Signature T-Model is available to help any business specialist, who wants a great framework for growing their business in a unique way. You may want to hold skills development workshops, seminars or professional development training, our model puts simple steps into place to make it a reality.

It’s a program taking a comprehensive analysis of your business, with assessment and evaluation processes in place to make it deliver over and above what you want.

This model suits sole operators looking to introduce training into their business landscape or small business enterprises seeking better clarity on their current goals. Read more

How does the Signature T-Model help with business training?
The Signature T-Model is not only easy to use for new users but fully customisable to any business or company. Each business has its own specific structure based on their unique features and methods. Our model is fast and flexible enough to fit the way you work, taking the pain away from constantly fixing your training process. Read more

Does it work even with an existing training program?
Yes it can. The Signature T-Model integrates seamlessly with any training program. There’s no need to throw out your current processes. You can use our program to bring them forward to work much better. 

What makes it stand out from everyone else?
It’s not like any other training program out there. The model is built on a powerful framework that highlights key organisational elements within your business.

It uses data collated from a range of variables to enhance your future training programs at various stages of business growth. This data helps resolve any problems before they develop into major work challenges. Read more

I’m a Learning & Development Professional. How does Signature T-Model help me out?
Let’s run through the ways. The Signature T-Model helps when your organisation is looking at any development planning, and the benefits of training employees. It collects the data to identify any capability gaps within the staff and resources.
The model develops better, more robust, training programs specific to niche markets such as Retail, Education or Corporate as well as potential one-to-one training opportunities for L&D professionals. Read more

What situation does this model really suit?
Any organisation that’s planning changes in its processes and needs essential analysis and assessment procedures for their new business journey.

Any business looking for a higher productivity return from its staff and work systems. This requires a training system to identify issues and tailor ideal programs to address them. Read more

Does it come with any support?
Absolutely. In purchasing our training model, you receive ongoing support for when and where you need it. We know there might be questions at any stage of the training program. You’re not left in the dark; we’re ready to help when you contact us. Read more

Why choose Workplace Training Systems and Assessment?

faq supportOur structured process will help you to create sessions that can be delivered in a consistent, streamline and stylised way that maximises customer engagement and will help you to achieve your business goals. With the ongoing support we provide, you will be able to tap into and action customer feedback to increase client satisfaction and retention.

What is the Signature T-Model?

The Signature T-Model is a fully customised approach to workplace training and assessment that is focused on identifying your unique needs. The model helps to determine and work with your preferred approach. By taking a systematic approach, the model helps to extract useful data from all levels of your practice/business so that you can quickly assess your position and what the opportunities are.

When is the Signature T-Model suitable?

The Signature T-Model is ideal if you need to find a new approach to increase productivity. With an emphasis on creative thinking and coming up with new approaches, we aim to facilitate transformational change to how you operate and make decisions. We also focus on enhancing interpersonal communication skills so your team can be more effective in their dealings with each other and with customers.

What makes Signature T-Model unique?

The Signature T-Model uses a structured framework that is both simple and logical, yet able to be customised to your business. By using a matrix approach, key organisational elements can be highlighted and explored across various contexts, and creates a common language to explore strengths and blind spots.

Signature T Model

Designs customised training systems that fit your business.

Provides analysis to identify issues and skills gaps before they impact work performance.

Gives you a framework for managing diverse people with diverse skills and values through training processes.

Ongoing support where and when needed.

Recommendations for training and processes.

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