Find Ways To Harness Your Strengths and Overcome Weaknesses

quality control 500pxEvery member of your team – and your business overall – has strengths and weaknesses. Workplace training and development can help you to identify those strengths and weaknesses, so you have the right team members using the right skills to achieve your organisational goals. Our approach will also guide you through a systematic process for addressing any skills gaps so that you can focus on delivering better services for your clients and prospects.

We’ll use this information to help you create new revenue streams through skills development workshops, seminars and information sessions. When you work with WTSA, you’ll get a comprehensive analysis of your business, ongoing assessment and support, plus evaluation procedures so you can continue to improve your business and the services you offer.

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Our Approach: The Signature T-Model

After 30+ years of learning and development, we know what works and have used this knowledge to develop a systematic approach to workplace training. The Signature T-Model is designed to help you develop targeted and repeatable in-house training and information sessions for your client base. It is accessible and tailored to your business and its needs.

The Signature T-Model helps to identify your purpose, passion and vision, so that you can make decisions on what improvements and developments need to be made. We’ll guide you through setting objectives for your business and appropriate strategies for achieving those objectives.

Furthermore, as an accredited trainer, all of our services can help you to earn any necessary Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

Raising Business Performance Through Learning and Development.

about 2By using a process of systematic analysis, reflection and ongoing evaluation, we can help you get the best return from your learning and development investment. Our process includes rigorous methods for setting objectives, collecting customer feedback, and measuring quality of service.

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Signature T Model

Designs customised training systems that fit your business.

Provides analysis to identify issues and skills gaps before they impact work performance.

Gives you a framework for managing diverse people with diverse skills and values through training processes.

Ongoing support where and when needed.

Recommendations for training and processes.

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