Use Workplace Training Model to Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

home pic1In a busy, information-dense world, it can be hard to know where to focus your attention. At Workplace Training Support and Assessment (WTSA) we can help you to grow and strengthen your professional skills by consulting with you on a weekly basis after we have identified your personal and workpalce strengths and weaknesses. Using our Signature T-Model, we’ll help you to clearly define your purpose, passion and vision, and develop an ongoing interactive plan to help meet your needs.

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Leading Courageously may require Facing Pain

Courage, the ability to do something that frightens one, is a mindset that requires grit and determination.

As part of my planning process when I established my coaching and consulting business in November 1999, I identified Courage as one of my key values and this grit and determination, is still intrinsic to my day to day activities 23 years later.

Most organisations, taking a considered approach, small or large, have a list of core values that are displayed on the wall and show up in a variety of company marketing materials, from the business web site to T-Shirts or coffee mugs.

During induction or orientation, many organisations train their new employees about their values and how to live them. And yet, on any number of occasions, you can see leaders acting in direct opposition of what they claim to be their values. These are often the same companies where two weeks after new-employee induction, someone takes you to lunch and explains the ‘real values’ of the organisation. Or, if no one is looking out for you, you find out only after stepping on a cultural land mine.

What separates a good manager from an exceptional leader is explained in "The Courageous Leader". Often as a leader you are required to draw on your inner strength in the face of pain; to be willing to face any challenge rather than avoid it.

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Signature T Model

Designs customised training systems that fit your business.

Provides analysis to identify issues and skills gaps before they impact work performance.

Gives you a framework for managing diverse people with diverse skills and values through training processes.

Ongoing support where and when needed.

Recommendations for training and processes.

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