Develop Deeper Connections at Work through                                                                                                                                                    Workplace Training  Support & Assessments (WTSA)

services satisfactionEverybody knows that it’s important to take a proactive approach when working with co-workers and leaders. Yet, for many of your prospective relationships, there are many potential barriers to taking that first step and developing an ongoing professional rapport.

At WTSA, we’ve developed a methodical approach   - to forge deeper connections with those you work with and build stronger, more successful practices that deliver enhanced  outcomes. We can Evaluate Your Professional Profile,Training Methods and Delivery.

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Ensuring Your Workforce Has the Skills For Workplace Training                                                               and Continued Professional Development (CPD)

One of the ways WTSA can help you with workplace practices is by keeping you up to date with Workplace Requirements and Legislations. Updates with new developments and changes in industry are constantly identified by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) through its strategic reviews. Job roles can often require staff to work as an enterprise trainer or coach or even as a mentor by providing on the job instruction in a workplace environment. Effective training can only be achieved through standardised accredited workplace assessment and skills audits. Find out more on how you can maximise your training and achieve longterm outcomes.

Increase Your  Ability to Assess Skill Based Training

services assessmentTraining and Assessment Education (TAE) is fundamental to many organisations, especially with compliance issues, assessors are critical and governed by legislation. We’ll provide you and your team with a clear framework to gain actionable methods in your training delivery so that you can achieve better outcomes. We can support you with maintaining accreditiation and compliance as these are subject to changes. Workshops are relevant to Training Advisers, Enterprise Trainers and Assessors,Training Needs Analysis and how to apply a vast array of facilitation techniques to any given situation. Workshops include insights on How to Deliver training sessions to engage your team. Design and Develop Assessment Tools, against the principles of of assessment and rules of evidence and How to Develop Training sessions that will increase positive outcomes and fulfil KPI's..

Develop Client Information Workshops

WTSA provides customised guidance for the development of repeatable workshops that you can use to engage new prospects or to deepen connections with those you work with. We can show you How to assess Training Needs, Establish a Customised Approach to Monitor Training Effectiveness as well as Set Up Assessment Profiles.

Our Approach

At WTSA, we use our Signature T-Model to work through a methodical process to identify your business strengths and blind spots, through interactove approach and feedback. 

Ongoing Support: From here, we’ll work with you to develop new ways to serve and add value to your work , through workshops, structured communication programs and more.

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Signature T Model

Designs customised training systems that fit your business.

Provides analysis to identify issues and skills gaps before they impact work performance.

Gives you a framework for managing diverse people with diverse skills and values through training processes.

Ongoing support where and when needed.

Recommendations for training and processes.

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