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  Easy to train with, easy to work with.  A Training Model: that amplifies workplace performance like nothing you’ve ever previously worked with.

The Signature T-model developed and designed by Denise Barsoum evaluates your profile. It is a standalone tool that provides feedback on exactly what you need and the direction you want to head. It is designed to fit your professional template seamlessly, identify issues before they impact work performance and effectively manage diverse people with diverse values and skills through its training process.

It’s flexible, durable and adaptable to both you and your unique workplace.

Our model employs three simple steps:

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  1. Reflective Practice (Needs Analysis)
    Captures necessary data to identify your core values 
  2. Planning & Implementation (Scope)
    Designs, develops and delivers on your chosen objectives 
  3. Assessment and Evaluation (Retention)                                                              Monitors, assesses, evaluates outcomes/feedback to monitor objectives achieved                                    

The Signature T-Model will help you facilitate continuous improvement, manage personal work priorites and profesional development and how to use Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

The model also works effortlessly with your existing training models to bring them up to speed.depositphotos 23014648 stock photo businessman walking

What's Included: 

Individual Performance Schedule to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

 Innovative training solutions in the Learning & Development (L&D) sector   

Quality Control. 

Our training programs meet all government standards and regulations.

Signature T-Model delivers more than what it promises. When you enrol in one of our programs, you receive full, ongoing support to provide you with what you or your workplace needs.

Our support is always ready and waiting, and always there from the start.tds signature t hands Depositphotos 2505797 l 2015

Give yourself the tools to take the next step.

Discover How Right Here

Signature T Model

Designs customised training systems that fit your business.

Provides analysis to identify issues and skills gaps before they impact work performance.

Gives you a framework for managing diverse people with diverse skills and values through training processes.

Ongoing support where and when needed.

Recommendations for training and processes.

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